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City at Night

This was a bit of a study on cityscapes, as well as lighting. Pretty proud of this one!

Anne and Jerry

this was much more recent, from around november when the #renewanneiwthane hashtag was going around

also, posting these made me realise just how little digital art i actually made throughout the year...oops

troy and abed as a draaawing!

ahaha i love this sitcom

oc doodles

More from Penny's story. Middle is an early design for Penny's sister Ann, and the girl on the left with the bob is a younger Ronnie. Far bottom right is a kid named Theo, who becomes immortal at some point thanks to his dumbass dad, and above him is Ronnie's youngest sister Gertie. Top Right is Theo's mother Evelyn, and to her left are just some more sketches of Penny, Jen, Ann, Ronnie and Theo.

Night Sky

the moon looks lovely in the evening

Amalfi Coast - Study

a study that cost me 6 hours and my eyesight [original image credit: @/lavishlawyer]

ronnie lopez

Ronnie (full name Veronica) is from the same story as Penny and Jen from this earlier post. She's a close friend of Penny's younger sister, Ann, as they went to the same uni, and she is known for her mysterious lucky streak and impeccable sense of style. These are some early developmental sketches, but her look hasn't changed that much since then.

She's Chinese/Cuban and a trans woman. She's got 3 siblings, one of them being her twin brother Tom, and gets along with her grandparents better than she does her actual parents as they don't understand her laid-back, carefree nature. She often hangs around her grandparents' farm, or goes about travelling. She doesn't stay in one place long.


thorston twins for that httyd duo art competition on deviantart back in may

morna and rosie

old characters that have since been pretty much abandoned. from may 2019

oc ideas that have since been mostly tossed out the window

but i thought i'd post them anyway because they're still relevant, in the sense that penny (the girl with the pigtails) and jen (plague doctor) are still important characters in the story i have now!

mtr doodle dump

i watched meet the robinsons every day for like a month back in june...idk why

also this was inspired by elioliart's lovely work!

cold nights

a piece inspired by the beautiful fic, Cold Nights by zoellick for the Pendragons & Co Winter Holiday exchange :) (late 2018 - early 2019)


gonna start off here by posting all my (good) art from 2019! here's she-ra from around february